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Care and Protection Matters

A Protection Order is made when a Magistrate decides a child is in need of protection.  In the event the Department of Communities (“DC”), formerly the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, makes an Application for a Protection Order for your child, whether it be a Supervision Order or Time Limited Order, you should obtain legal advice.

If the DC considers that a child continues to be in need of protection and should not be returned to you or only returned with supervision by the DC, it may decide to make an application to the Children’s Court for a Protection Order.

The DC should make an application for a protection order to the Children’s Court and the Court will set a date for the parties, usually the DC and the parents, to go to Court.

WA Family Legal will provide you with legal advice and represent you after the DC has taken your child or children into care.

At WA Family Legal, we will help you by:

  • Advising you orally and in writing as to the merit of your case;
  • Liaising with and writing to the DC;
  • Negotiating with DC in relation to your time with the child/ren and in relation to any Section 143 Proposal or other proposal;
  • Drafting Affidavit evidence; and
  • Representing you in the Perth Children’s Court, including attending at mentions and Pre-Hearing Conferences.

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