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International Child Abduction and Retention

We can advise you and assist you and, if appropriate, represent you, in the event your child is removed from a Hague Convention country to a country which has acceded to the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of Child Abduction (“the Hague Convention”) or is wrongfully retained in another Convention country.

The Hague Convention aims to have the child returned to the forum from which the child was removed and parenting proceedings determined in that forum.

The Hague Convention sets out the prerequisites to the Hague Convention being invoked and the defences upon which the removing parent can seek to rely.

At WA Family Legal, we will help you by:

  • Identifying whether the country is a Convention country;
  • Advising you orally and in writing as to the merits of your case;
  • Liaising with the relevant Central Authorities;
  • Obtaining any necessary Affidavits of prevailing child custody related law in the relevant overseas jurisdictions;
  • Assisting with the drafting of your Application;
  • Drafting any Orders, return Orders, or otherwise; and
  • Obtaining advice from Counsel.

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